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Tips for a Healthy Tan > Achieving the Perfect Tan > Why should I use an indoor tanning lotions when tanning?

Healthy skin is the foundation of a successful tan. Indoor tanning lotions are designed to provide critical moisture to skin before and after tanning. The healthier your skin, the longer you keep the tan; this allows you to build upon your foundation tan to get a deeper, darker tan. Dry skin flakes away your tan layer by layer. Indoor tanning lotions provide you with the deep, constant moisture your skin needs during the tanning process. Organic Tan's tanning lotions have important vitamins and ingredients to help you extend your tan. People who avoid using tanning products will not get the extra moisture or a stable tan since tanning tends to dry the skin; they will lose their tan more quickly between sessions, due to dry skin flaking away.


The key to tanning your skin indoors or out is MOIST SKIN. Ultra Violet exposure will dry out your skin. Dry skin will not tan as well or hold the color as long as moist skin will. The results of not using accelerator lotions are:

   1. Premature aging of the skin (wrinkles)
   2. Leather-looking skin
   3. Flakey and possibly itchy skin
   4. Premature fading of the tan
   5. More susceptibility to sunburn

You want to use a good INDOOR tanning accelerator lotion (No baby oil or outdoor products).

WARNING: You must use INDOOR QUALITY tanning lotions only. Outdoor lotions and baby oil can cause a severe burn, possibly block the UV rays if they contain SPF, and they will ruin the acrylics immediately. If you are unsure, PLEASE ASK for consultant's approval of your lotion. Also, consumers may not be getting the indoor tanning products that they think they are when they purchase them through unauthorized outlets like discount websites, local flea markets or non-tanning outlets. Outdated, discontinued, damaged and tampered-with products are often the products that are diverted into these outlets. Professional tanning products should be recommended by a qualified indoor tanning specialist to insure proper use. Indoor tanning products have unique ingredients that should be used only as directed to ensure the finest tan possible.