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Welcome Salon Owners

Organic Tan is a Southern California company based out of Redondo Beach, California. We have decided to do our own distribution of our salon tanning products to keep our wholesale prices down for you, the salon owner. Another advantage for us doing our own distribution is because we can grow the company responsibly and really be able to communicate with the salon owners and get real time feedback about our product.

Here at Organic Tan, we really want to get feedback from you, the salon owner, about how we can improve our product, customer service, shipping, or ANYTHING else you feel we could be doing to improve your Organic Tan experience. We would also love to hear about any products you would like to see us bring to market.

Help us grow into the BEST indoor tanning lotion company in the industry. Darcy (our co-founder and biochemist) is already working in our lab on developing our next line of indoor tanning lotion.

Thanks so much for your support.