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Fig comes from Persian and Minor Asia.  It grows in wild state all around the Mediterranean area till the Canaries Islands.  Fig would be one of the first fruits to have been cultivated by our ancestors.  Fig presents various therapeutic virtues:  its latex removes warts.  This latex contains protease enzyme named FICINE.  Figs are very rich in sugars and contain emollient properties.

Cutaneous hydration is linked to the barrier function of the stratum corneum which conditions the kinetics of water in the skin.  A dehydrated skin is more sensible to inflammation; it loses its plasticity and becomes rough.  The hydration state of the skin is conditioned by the equilibrium between diffusion of water through the stratum corneum and its evaporation, the value of its flux and its capacity to be fixed on the stratum corneum.  The decrease of evaporation phenomenon with the use of polysaccharides allows for the limitation of transepidermal water loss.  Likewise, with the use of free sugars, constituents of Normal Moisturizing Factor, allows for the retention of water in the stratum corneum by forming hydrating complexes.  Also, the utilization of malic acid, which induces the catabolism of the keratin, returns suppleness and elasticity to the skin.  The simultaneous application of these three families of molecules allows for the simultaneous restoration of the natural hydric flux of the skin, for the return of plasticity while bringing a sensation of freshness.

During the aging process, skin is dehydrated.  The water loss is conditioned by water flux, the balance between diffusion and evaporation and the water fixation capacity at the stratum corneum level.  ORGANIC FIG FRUIT EXTRACT is composed of substances playing a filmogen role and hygroscopic components able to slow down the water evaporation speed.  ORGANIC FIG FRUIT EXTRACT is able to maintain the corneun stratum integrity by regulating the transepidermic waterloss (TEWL).  

Key Benefits:
    •    Limits TEWL
    •    Refreshes
    •    Softens
    •    Soothes

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