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Introducing Organic Incan Skin Pina Colada


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Formulated with our exclusive blend of Organic oils and coconut extracts, combined with all-natural Shiitake Mushroom Extract, a Beta-Glucan, and hydrothermal exopolysaccharides in deep sea algae, revives skins own moisture capacity and delivers remarkable silkiness to even the roughest skin. Experience a tropical paradise as you immerse your body in a cocoon of coconut splendor!


Nature collides with Science creating the finest Organic Formulations for Indoor Tanning.


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Study Supports Indoor Tanning Lotion Use

Indoor tanning lotion offers consumers a more productive tanning session. This claim reinforced in a study re-released today by the American Tanning Institute (ATI).

The study conducted by ATI validates the fact that consistent and proper use of indoor tanning lotions can improve the effectiveness of indoor tanning sessions. This study reinforces the use of indoor tanning products during tanning sessions in a professional indoor tanning facility.

In the 14 day study, 6 indoor tanning lotion formulations demonstrated positive tanning results in various parameters monitored by ATI. The methods used in the evaluation included visual examination by a trained examiner, quantitative measurements by light science instrumentation, and self-assessments by the study subjects. The indoor tanning lotion formulations compared favorably throughout the 14 day period against the untreated (non-lotion use) control and against two controls that included popular outdoor tanning brands sold in non-tanning retail locations. Study participants ranged in age from 21 to 46 years.

Indoor tanning products showed a statistically significant enhancement from the baseline for both tan-ability and moisturization. Tan-enhancement and skincare is a central purpose of indoor tanning products.

Measurements from scientific instrumentation included pigment-meter readings of skin coloration to gauge skin color levels, Study subjects also provided self assessments and were able to identify changes in their skin's smoothness, moisturization and softness after use of all indoor tanning test products. The measurements of indoor tanning lotion formulations showed improvements from baseline values throughout the entire 14 day period. The non-indoor tanning products did not achieve the same positive results at the end of the study.

Indoor Tanning Lotion Use Works

The most significant findings in the study reveal that:

-- At 14 days 100% of subjects using indoor tanning lotions showed an overall improvement in tan-ability.

-- The study evaluator noted that in as few as 7 days 8 out of 10 subjects showed an improvement in skin pigmentation and overall skin condition

-- During the self assessment participants noted improvement with 45% indicating "excellent" improvement and 30.6% indicating "good" improvement in their "skin color" and overall "skin health."

"I had a chance to speak with each and every subject throughout the study. Most of the participants were very pleased with their results, and found that use of indoor tanning lotions greatly enhanced their tanning sessions," noted Rick Mattoon, Principal Investigator and Educational Director of ATI. "I see the use of lotions designed for indoor tanning as an excellent and affordable complement to any indoor tanning session."

"The results of the study not only validate the effectiveness and reliability of tanning lotions formulated for indoor tanning use, they also support what the indoor tanning industry has been promoting since the 1980's" Mattoon added. "What is most significant is that non-indoor tanning lotion use showed results that were not as positive as those found with using indoor tanning lotion. We want consumers to realize that not using a lotion formulated for indoor tanning greatly reduces the effectiveness of your indoor tanning session."


Rick Mattoon
President/Educational Director
American Tanning Institute