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3 Step System

Here are the differences between our Step 1 , 2 and 3 lotions.


Step 1 - Lotions that help you build a tan
The lotions in this category are especially designed for individuals who have a lighter skin color and for those looking to develop a base tan. The lotions in this category are formulated to stimulate melanin production and provide vital moisture that helps enhance the results of tanning. 

These lotions are effective till you reach a point where you can tan no more; often referred to as the tanning plateau. For optimum results with lotions from this category you are advised not to have a shower or a bath for at least 2 hours post tanning.

Step 2- Lotions that help you darken your existing tan
The lotions in this category are specially formulated to penetrate deep into the skin embedding it with amino acids, minerals and assorted nutrients that are essential for a deep dark tan. These lotions stimulate circulation at the level of the skin, offering outstanding results.

The lotions in this category are further sub-categorized according to what is called their Tingle Factor. Those with sensitive skins should resist the temptation of using tanning lotions having a Tingle Factor that of 3x/10x or above.  Starting off with a Tingle Factor 2x is safer.

Step 3- Lotions that Moisturize & Protect
Skin protection and replacement of lost moisture are important factors for anyone who spends long hours in the sun looking to build a healthy tan. The lotions in this category are designed to do just that.